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I’m currently watching a documentary directed by Ice Cube, Straight Outta L.A. on ESPN’s 30 for 30.  This documentary is the first story that I have heard tying the Raider and gang culture together. I must say so far, very interesting…

NWA sporting their Raider "Uniform"

Starting with the move of the Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 as well as the beginning of the gangsta rap group, NWA, the Raider Nation culture was born. The link between the music that NWA produced and the “violent” football group, almost seems like they were made for each other. However, the two franchises sprung up independently, yet ultimately came together. The idea behind the colors and logo caught the attention of NWA as well as the gangsta culture all together. According to Ice Cube:

“[The Raiders] represented the L.A. I knew… It wasn’t the ‘Showtime’ Lakers, where people saw the glitz and the glamour. It wasn’t the ’84 Olympics. It was a little more grimy, and the Raiders represented that, in South Central [where they played]. They had the whole city on lock. To me, [this project] is the true representation of music and sports.”

You can catch a replay of the documentary Tonight @ 8pm on ESPN; Thursday @ 11pm on ESPN Classic; Saturday @ 3pm on ESPN or Sunday @ 6pm on ESPN 2.


P.S. Go Chargers!!!