Good Times for a Good Cause

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Events, Homeboy Industries
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Don’t have any plans for Friday night yet? Come out to the Palm Court Ballroom at the Alexandria Hotel for benefit concert supporting Homeboy Industries! In a post I did back in May,– I wrote about how Homeboy was hit hard during these economic hardships and had to layoff 300+ staff members. This benefit concert solely supports Homeboy Inds. in order to keep their doors open to do what they do best – keep inspiring the communities of Los Angeles.

Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door to enjoy the great music of Quinto Sol. The show runs from 9 pm to 2 am. For any more information about the concert this Saturday call: 213.622.3105

>> EDIT:

Unfortunately, I have just found out tonight that this concert is cancelled :[ I hope that it isn’t definite and that they will re-schedule something soon.  Please feel free to donate still if you haven’t yet; again, the link to donate: There is no minimum or limit for donations, so whatever you have to spare please feel free to send it over to a good cause!

>> EDIT: No.2

Fortunately, the show is back and running! Mark your calendars for Friday, July 23rd!! Make sure not to miss this great show – especially since it’s their second time putting it together!




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